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by Spirit Dance

Dance the dance of your spirit. Find and connect to the real you through movement, dance and sound. Open your heart and allow the rhythm to enter and pulsate throughout your whole being.

The music is electric and contagious – you cannot help but share it.

MYSTICAL TRAVELS is composed of multi-cultural sounds of drums and flutes with featured musicians Safeer Mahdi on Flutes and Percussion and Danii Odudua on Drums, Percussion and Vocals.

Together their unique musical backgrounds enable them to create the Tribal Healing Sounds of Spirit Dance and successfully interconnect indigenous primal music from Africa, North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Music Samples MP3

Mystical Travels (Mayan)
Eagle on the Wing
(Native American)
Dinner is Ready (Universal)
Middle Passage
Pyramid Magic (Middle Eastern)
Totally Mean Latin Soul (Latin)
Transform to Love (Universal)
Wanlyn's Love (Asian/Indian)